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Diamond LK Counseling | Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

June 08, 2014

Lisa’s heart is pure gold. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture a glimpse into her career, her home, her family and her passion.

Commissioned originally to capture photographs for her new website, www.diamondlkcounseling.com, I instantly fell in love with her business.

From her website’s home page, Diamond LK Counseling PLLC, is a facility that utilizes horses as a tool in Mental Health Counseling in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

“Horses increase awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. They respond honestly to our behaviors and internal state. When a horse is incorporated into the counseling session, we are able to address maladaptive coping strategies in a new and challenging environment while creating a bond with the horse. Combining horses with counseling services typically results in positive changes, self-regulation and personal growth.”

 I know very well how healing the presence of a horse can be because I have experienced that healing in my own life. What a beautiful thing to offer her passion and her career into one.

These photographs were taken at Lisa’s incredible home in Celina, Texas. A few of them include her precious family and business partners (both equine and human).

Enjoy, and please visit her website and facebook for more information!

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