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Q&A with Kirstie Marie Photography | Part Two

November 16, 2014


1. What kind of cameras do you shoot with? I shoot with film and digital cameras. I recently bought a new Hasselblad H1 film camera (and sold my Contax 645). My digital camera is a Nikon D600.

2. Do you like the Hassy? Tell me more! The Hasselblad is…different. Although I found this blog post after I made the switch, I think it is extremely helpful: www.joshuagull.com/645s/ So far I’ve noticed that the Hasselblad is much harder to load film into, doesn’t sound as cool, is missing that Contax “X” factor, produces different colors and contrast, and is heavier. In spite of this, I far prefer this system to my Contax because the auto-focus is smooth, fast, and RELIABLE, focusing is very easy and my keep rate quadrupled, Hasselblad still services the camera and my local shops will clean/inspect it, it is much sturdier (less finicky) than the Contax, and it has a digital screen to tell me exactly what issues there are (should there be any). I have really, really loved the switch and I am SO excited to shoot more with this camera! Here are a few photos I have taken recently:

Kirstie Marie Photography_1150

3. What is you favorite lens? My favorite lens of all time was the Zeiss 80m that was on my Contax – but sadly, I don’t have that anymore! The lenses on my digital camera are the Sigma 85m and the Zeiss 50m.

4. What kind of flash or lighting do you use? I only shoot with natural light. I have never used artificial light (flash) or even reflectors before. I definitely think reflectors are useful and I may use them in the future, but my advice for shooting with natural light is that it is all about the skintones. Find a lighting situation (direct, open shade, sidelit, backlit) where skin tones are luminous and even. I am constantly re-positioning clients to a place where their skin looks best. When I focus on skintones sometimes a dark horse will become a bit too dark. In these cases, I increase the exposure using a brush on the horse in Lightroom.

5. Do you shoot in RAW or JPG? When I shoot digital, I shoot only RAW because I underexpose digital by 1-2 stops and bring the exposure up in post-processing.

6. Do you ever do coaching? Yes! I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions via Skype or in person! We can cover your choice of posing, lighting, shooting, post-process/editing, pricing, marketing, business, etc. Email me at kirstiemarie@me.com for more information!

7. What is your advice for shooting with a horse and rider (for a non-horse photographer)? This is such a great question. When you think about what makes your photography inspired things like lighting, composition, location, tones, emotion, connection, posing, expression should come to mind. Every photograph I take I am trying to connect with my subject to bring out a desired emotion or expression. The same idea holds true for both my horse and human subjects. Two pieces of advice to help you connect to that horsey: bring an assistant (or have your client bring extra help) that is dedicated to posing and grabbing the attention of that horse, and: ears, ears, ears. Do anything and everything to get the attention of that horse to bring their ears forward. Your horses’s owner will care about the expression in his eyebrow and the position of his ears. You want that horse to be calm, comfortable, and interested in you. Food works well.

8. When is the next time you will be in Portland/Seattle? I have a fully booked trip next month over the week of Christmas. I have plans to come to Seattle and Portland separately this spring. Contact me at kirstiemarie@me.com to be the first to know when I announce the dates!