The Kirstie Marie Photography Experience

All sessions are customized to tell your story. Watch the video below to see the experience in action…


Photographs are an investment that increase in value over time

All-inclusive packages start at $1,495


Presentation Boxes & USBs

Every session includes handcrafted wood presentation boxes with the 4″x6″ proof prints from your session, alongside a glass USB flash drive with the archived high resolution images.


Wall prints are printed on first-class professional papers and are ready to be matted and mounted in your favorite frame.


Beautifully handcrafted premium gallery wraps are printed on canvas and stretched over a wood frame. These wraps are complete with sawtooth hangers, corner bumpers, and paper backing – making them ready to hang on the wall alone or in a gallery collection.


30-40 of your favorite images from our session grace the pages of this expertly crafted album. Covered in your choice of luxurious European leathers, this book is the perfect addition to your coffee table, dorm room, or a gift to your loved ones. The full-page album spreads are printed and mounted to substantial cardstock for thick pages that lay flat.


Before the Session

How far in advance should I book?

In order to offer exceptional service to my clients, I offer a very limited number of sessions per month. I often book 4-8 months in advance, but do my best to accommodate immediate needs. Please feel free to contact me for availability.

What if my barn isn’t pretty?

About 90% of my equine shoots are located where the horse is boarded. I can find beauty in any situation. However, I do have some great spots all over DFW to haul into, should you be concerned about the backdrop.

What if the weather is bad?

I am happy to reschedule your shoot if there is any precipitation in the forecast. Both sunny and overcast conditions are great for photo shoots.

When is payment due?

There is a $500 retainer due with your signed contract in order to reserve your session date. The balance is due the day of the shoot.

Should I go tanning?

Not necessarily, unless you are completely confident that tanning (outside, in a bed, or spray tan) will give you an even skin tone with no streaks, blotches, or lines.

What do I bring to the session?

Bring 3-5 outfits, lots of jewelry options, some touch-up makeup (powder and lip), and your big, beautiful smile!

Can I bring someone with me on the shoot?

YES! Feel free to bring a parent, horse trainer, or best friend along.

Do I need a manicure?

The camera lens sees everything. I suggest choosing a nail color that compliments all of the outfits you will wear. You won’t regret a beautiful neutral tone.

What should I wear?

Go shopping! You don’t need to buy all new clothes; you can go shopping in your own closet. Get together a mix of outfits to keep your options open. Collect some bright pieces, some neutral pieces, lots of layers, and lots of jewelry. “Shop” through Pinterest and fashion blogs to get a sense of what types of outfits photograph well and wear something that reflects your personal style, personality, and your horse’s coat color. Get three to six outfit variations prepared. If you’re having a hard time deciding which outfit to wear – text me! The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing.

Should I wear show clothes or casual?

This is simply personal preference. In my opinion, you get a lot of amazing photographs in your show clothes at horse shows. Because of this, most of my clients are dressed casually. But if you want to show off your outfits it always looks great on camera! Deciding what tack your horse wears is also personal preference – so long as it is clean and well-fitted. Simple leather halters and bridles always photograph well. If you are in show clothes, your horse should be in show tack. However, if you are casually dressed your horse can be in work tack or show apparel.

Day of the Session

Should I work down my horse?

YES! Lunge your horse down for a long while. Horses always get more energy when they are out in the field and in front of the camera lens! Once they are tired, start getting them ready, just like you would for a horse show.

Should I put oil/makeup on my horse’s face?

You can put ‘makeup’ on your horse if you would like to define his/her facial features. Please go easy on the face polish (about half the amount you would use at a horse show) – and do not use black, or it will get all over your outfit when you go to hug/kiss your horse! Use clear polish or baby oil.

Should I apply hoof polish?

Personal preference. If you normally show in hoof polish, then I would apply it. Either way, make sure the hooves are clean.

Should I book a professional hair/makeup artist?

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is strongly recommended. Professionals know exactly how to highlight and contour your features and know what looks best on camera. If you do your makeup yourself, use a bit more foundation than normal and blend well.

Halter or Bridle?

Both! Bring them all and we can decide together which looks best with the outfit and location.

After the Session

When will I get my photos back?

After the session, I will post some previews on Instagram and Facebook (with your permission). In about 3-4 weeks, you will see my favorite images from the session on my blog. A few days later, I will deliver your online gallery with ALL the finished, high-resolution photographs in an email. You can print, download and share the images from here. Another week after that you will get a great big package in the mail with your USB, 4×6 proof prints, and a canvas (if it was included in your package).

Can I share the photos on Facebook and Instagram?

YES! Credit to Kirstie Marie Photography is always appreciated. These photos are YOURS to post wherever you want.

Next Steps

You’re going to love these photographs with your horse. Even more than that, you’ll feel like a model and you’ll have a blast with your equine best friend during our photo shoot. But don’t wait to book your session. To offer exceptional service, I offer a very limited number of sessions each month, and I often book 4-8 months in advance.

These photos are an investment that will increase in value over time, and you’ll always be thankful to have documented this special time with your horse in spectacular images, so contact me soon to get started.

Booking your session is simple

1. Choose your package

2. Contact me at to discuss your date and details and

3. Send a retainer to reserve your day. That’s it! Let the fun begin.