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Taylor Gillette

May 09, 2014

Miss Taylor deserves two blog posts. If you missed part one, be sure to keep scrolling.

I jumped the gun on this one and posted the digital photographs I took before I even got the film rolls back from PhotoVision. But I kind of like the opportunity to sift out the film images and showcase them on their own. You see, I started out with a digital camera. But I soon learned that all of my favorite photographers shot film. Most people think “film is dead.” In fact, almost every single one of my clients are surprised when they see me pull my film camera out. But film is hardly dead. I am a part of a community of thousands of film photographers all over the world. Martha Stewart Weddings recently named the world’s top 69 wedding photographers and polled them. Over one-third shot exclusively film. Almost one-third shot a mix of film and digital. And the last third shot only digital. That means over 66% of the world’s “top” photographers are still shooting film. Why?

I am not here to debate film vs. digital. They both have their place and I happily shoot them both. I can’t give a very scientific, credible, or reliable reason that I shoot film – I just like it. That is it. But scroll below and I think you will see why. Film is nostalgic. Film is real. Film is imperfect. Film is soft and a bit romantic. Film retains phenomenal detail. Film captures the most beautiful skin tones. Film produces beautiful colors. Film loves the sun. Film makes me slow down. Film makes me plan, think, and strategize. Film challenges me. Film forgives my mistakes.

I like the way the camera feels in my hand. I love the sound of the shutter and the rewinding of the film. I enjoy that I can’t see the immediate result and I need some faith to trust I did it all right. I HATE waiting for my images to come back from the lab but when they come it is better than my birthday.

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