Top Reasons to Take Pictures

Top Reasons to Take Pictures

October 1, 2018

Top Reasons to Take Pictures

This weekend I booked a session for family portraits. I had four main reasons that I booked this particular session: Sadie was turning 1, Jake and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary, we wanted pictures in our new house, and we need pictures for our Christmas card!

The act of planning for this session made me think of a few of the most popular reasons my clients come to me:

  • You want to
    • First and foremost, the only reason that you need to book a session is because you want to. You want to dote lovingly on your steed. You want to pay dress up and feel beautiful. You want to spend a day frolicking in fields. You want images that show the love you have for your horse. You want something tangible, something you can hold in your hands to remind you of how happy you are in this season of your life.

  • You get a new horse
    • Many of my clients want fresh images when they welcome home a new family member.

  • Art for your house
    • Some of my clients commission me to fill a special space on their wall.

  • Senior pictures with horses
    • The majority of my clients are high school or college seniors who need to include their best friend(s) in their session.

  • Commemorate a retirement
    • A retired horse deserves a day to himself. After everything he did for you, this is the least you could do to commemorate his career.

  • Engagement pictures with horses
    • How could you possibly celebrate the relationship you have without including y’alls first love?

  • Celebrate your success (weight loss, award won, etc)
    • Whether you hit a weight loss goal, won a major horse show, or accepted a new dream job, accomplishing a goal requires a special celebration!

  • Remember a senior horse
    • Your pony only gets better with age. Celebrate the gray hairs with a few portraits to remember this season forever.

  • Before you sell a horse
    • It is a sad reality. Sometimes college forces a sale. Other times it is family or life circumstances. Sometimes the lease ends, or it is simply time to open a chapter with a new parter.

  • Family pictures with horses
    • Surely, you can’t take family pictures without including the whole family!

  • Kids grow quickly
    • Blink, and you miss it.

  • Baby horsie
    • Horse kids grow even faster

  • Advertising campaign
    • Fresh, high quality images are the key to any successful marketing campaign

  •  Gift
    • Portrait gift certificates make perfect Christmas & birthday presents for the “girl who has everything”!

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