What You See Vs What I See 2020

What You See Vs What I See 2020

February 15, 2020

What You See Vs What I See 2020

Most people think I’m crazy.

“You want to take pictures here?”

Maybe there is a fence in the background. A car. An ugly barn. A round pen. A trashy mess.

We can look at the same thing but see it differently. First and foremost, I am scouting light over the background. Next, I’m considering the composition in my lens and oftentimes hiding something like an ugly dumpster with the body of the horse.

I want to invite you to see the “behind the scenes” image, taken with an iPhone on the left, alongside the “finished” image, taken by me on the right. Sometimes, the scene remains true. Other times, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Enjoy this post? See more from 2018 here. It was one of my most-viewed posts of the year.

An enormous thank you to Alicia Porter who provided most of the iPhone images (…and square feet… and clean muzzles… and ears forward) seen here.

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